There's nothing better for bicycle maintenance and performance.

  • For use on chains (before application clean chain with rag and WD-40 or other degreaser.)
  • Use also on cables, cleats, pivot points, derailleurs, levers and all other metal to metal contact points.
  • Contains no solids like Teflon™ or graphite, which gums up and blackens mechanisms.
  • Won’t gum or attract dirt, dust, sand or other particulates.
  • Maintains lubricity in higher pressure contact situations.
  • Use in wet or dry conditions.
  • Performs to temperatures as low as -65° below zero for cold weather/winter riding.

Available in 4 oz spray and 4 oz drip. Recommend using a micro-fiber cloth to remove excess after application and or for more even spreading of FiendOil across metallic surfaces where needed.