The critical tolerances of precision mechanisms requires nothing less.

  • Formulated to penetrate all metallic pits and crevices to lubricate and protect.
  • Precision formula for micro-lubrication and precision performance in small moving parts.
  • Cleans, lubricates and prevents contamination from dirt and residue.
  • Creates enduring protective barrier that resists contamination from dust, dirt, sand, grit and other particles and contaminants.
  • Prevents rust during storage periods and varying humidity.
  • Contains no solids like Teflon™ or graphite, which can gum up and cause damage in precision mechanisms.
  • Suitable for firearms of all periods and styles.
  • Won’t lose viscosity, dry, thicken or lose lubricity in extreme conditions such as cold, heat, dust, humidity, dirt or salty air.
  • Maintains performance and stability from -65° below to 400°.

Available in 4 oz spray and 4 oz drip. Recommend using a micro-fiber cloth to remove excess after application and or for more even spreading of FiendOil across metallic surfaces where needed.