The precision performance of fishing reels requires nothing less.

  • Perfect lubricant for handle knobs, ball-bearings, gears, line reels and rollers.
  • Enables smoother precision operation for longer casting and smoother retrieval.
  • Designed for optimal lubrication and prevention of corrosion and rust.
  • Contains no solids like Teflon™ or graphite, which can gum up precision mechanisms.
  • Penetrates for superior performance of high-speed bearings and tight metal surfaces.
  • Superior lubricity, water stability and load carrying capacity.
  • Ideal for saltwater or freshwater fishing reels.
  • Also delivers superior performance on folding knives.
  • Provides rust and corrosion protection during storage periods.
  • Maintains lubricity as low as -65° below zero or as high as 460°.

Available in 4 oz spray and 4 oz drip. Recommend using a micro-fiber cloth to remove excess after application and or for more even spreading of FiendOil across metallic surfaces where needed.