For those who never stop caring about doing things right.

For many generations FIENDOIL™ set the standard for quality because it cleaned, protected, and lubricated like nothing else. The distinct red and yellow can made its home in countless garages and workshops, and hunters and anglers would keep it close by to ensure their equipment was kept in pristine condition.

That is why we brought it back and made it better than ever. New FIENDOIL™ is re-formulated for today’s demands, and still maintains the highest standards of cleaning, lubrication and protection for your tools, equipment and hobbies.


New FIENDOIL™ is formulated to be a wide ranging lubricant that functions within the tight tolerances of firearms, and thus most anything else that needs to function smoothly and reliably.

New FIENDOIL™ utilizes proven and new chemistries that combine cleanliness, corrosion protection, extreme pressure wear and low temperature resistance even in severe working and hunting conditions. (Maintains performance up to 65 below zero.)

It’s designed to not attract dust and does not use solid lubrication additives such as Teflon™ or graphite which can stain and/or accumulate in precision mechanisms. New FIENDOIL™ is also designed for high temperature situations and meets various ASTM and Military specs for water resistance, corrosion protection and metal staining.

Using FIENDOIL™ says something. It says you demand quality, performance and longevity.